So here’s some truth and honesty. You're going to want to read this..

I have spent years documenting and photographing love, discovering the why behind what I do. I’ve come to realize that connection, genuine love for human soul, is the most important aspect of photography and choosing who is going to be the one to document your unique love and story. There needs to be a genuine connection and friendship. This is so, so important!

Sometimes there's so much freedom in escaping the tradition and getting married somewhere out of your dreams with just your closest loved ones, or maybe it's in the back yard of your grandparents house along a mountain lake. Or hiking to the top of a mountain where you had your first kiss and exchanging your vows between just the two of you. Whatever this looks like for you, I encourage you to remember the depth this day holds and what it is truly all about. Make it something you'll never want to end. I want to be there to document the emotion and moments that you'll feel, in an artistic and unique way true to YOU and YOUR story. 

My heart strives to be there for the messy unplanned spontaneousness that comes with deciding to get married on a cliff side somewhere dear, with only your closest family and friends; Your dress getting dirty, hair tangled, maybe it rains and none of that mattering because you’re becoming one and marrying your human and really that’s all that matters.

The belly laughs, the over joyed hand squeezes, wiping of tears and all. The long drawn out hugs and grandparents crying tears of happiness. It’s these moments that you’ll look back on with your children, your grandchildren and you’ll remember how you felt. They’ll see the depth of those sweet moments documented, not some awkward staged photos with no depth, but photographs that truly and honestly represent the messy and real love between you two.


You may not realize it now, but in the midst of focusing on the small details that will fade in memory once the day has passed, photography is really the only tangible thing you’ll take away from this precious day that will truly matter. That will bring you back to those moments you hope to never forget. Those moments will only become more and more valuable to you as time goes on. TIME is the only thing we cannot control and that's why photography and documentation is so rare and so precious! It is an investment and worth investing in.  

It is of so much value to me, that we can connect on everything that I've just shared. So if your soul connects to these words and you want to plan something adventurous, you want me to be there to document your intimate love and goofy relationship with your human, let's be friends. I want to be there, whole heartedly and completely!

The little things, the little moments? They aren't little. Let's document the blissful, truthful moments that make your heart beat the hardest. 

Ps. if you have a pup, I want to be their friend as well! xx






Currently booking 2019 and 2020

Elopements + intimate weddings start at 2200
Weddings start at 3400
Engagements start at 800


If you've made if this far, it must mean we've made a connection!

 I would love to get to know your hearts, more about who you are and what makes your story unique.