S+M//You feel like home


Steph + Micah. These barefoot humans are 10/10. Such BEAUTIFUL people.

It’s so refreshing to document. To be present, seeking to understand and to soak in the quirks and unnoticed gems of a relationship. S+M hung out with me a few weeks ago, along some back roads + dunes of the Outer Banks. Surfers, skaters, creatives. Micah is an insane musician with an angel voice, Steph is creative and has the raddest style; living in their van chasing waves + authenticity. These two have the real stuff and are truly LIVING. Wild and free. What a beautiful and rare thing.

Thanks for being human, freaking weird + goofy + all that you are, you two! For trusting me to document + capture the deep love and friendship you share. I am humbled + so freaking thankful!

Steph also is one of the most beautiful humans I've ever met and her Instagram captures so much of her style + personality! Go show her some love because I do on the daily! @stepholejn



Montana Pennala