S+J//Intimate Moab adventures


Most days I try to put it in the back of my head, but today, putting my favorite gems from this adventure in a journal form, trying to find words to describe my adoration and the depth of love shared for these humans is very hard. Distance is hard, the miles and miles that distance you from those who inspire you, from places that make you feel more at home then you could ever describe. It's something I, God-willing, won't be dwelling in any more. Utah is home and I cannot wait to be out there this spring. Home I go.

The reason for my presence in Utah two weeks ago was because of my soul sister, Casady Click Photography, flying me out there for a mentor session. Summer and Jeff came down from Salt Lake to camp and adventure with Casady and I for the first two days of the week. We all clicked, like immediately, and I am overwhelmed with the life-long friends I've gained. Gah these memories are some I'll cherish forever. What a small world, what a small world we live in. Here's some magic that I captured while having the incredible privilege of teaching Casady the in's and out's of shooting in different lighting situations, posing and interaction with your couples! It was so real, so genuine and stupid fun. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH GAHHH. Enjoy these creamy Moab desert engagements of two of the hottest people I know, Summer + Jeff!


Go give this girl some love, she's got a heart of GOLD and has mad talent, oh and she LOVES JESUS! @casadyclick

Montana Pennala