Willa + Lucas // Moab anniversary adventure.



Six months of planning, an endless number of emails, mushy texts and the most sincere friendship via everything but meeting in person. I finally got to explore Red Rock with the mushiest humans; the Vias. Willa + Lucas were everything I knew they would be. They were adventurous, weird in the best way; full of so much life and quirk. I loved every ounce of our adventures in Moab together, boy they did not disappoint.

Willa + Lucas, how do I even begin to make vivd the love they share. They converted and now live in a Sprinter van that they built themselves a few months back to escape the perpetual routines of life and to welcome interruption, the messy kind that would allow them to pay attention to the world. So why not document this venturous journey of two madly in-love humans seeing the world together. Why not in the massive red-rock desert of Moab? 

We had no idea where about we wanted this shoot to take place; I wanted it to be intimate, in a place to ourselves. A dear friend and I arrived the night before, hiked Delicate Arch in record time before the park closed to see if it would be somewhere we could take the Vias. It just wasn't it. Not intimate, too touristy and just didn't have the spark I hoped for. So we drove to find a place to camp, stumbled upon a massive, awe awakening arch with a cave we slept in. We woke up to the most magical sunrise followed by cold-brews and birds flying all throughout the cathedral shaped arch. Jesus was there, I was so alive and it was real. One of the best memories I've made. Later that afternoon we had a picnic lunch and swam in the Colorado river with the coolest guys who converted their bus into a home to travel across the US. It's funny how this world works, how relationships are formed. They suggested hiking up the trail, that it was SO worth the hike and would not disappoint. So of course we took their advice. We hiked through the most incredible red rock canyon/valley all to ourselves, following train tracks and cacti until it lead us to the arch. It was good, we felt small and knew that this was it, this is where we would take the Vias. 

Two hours later, some coffee, a few bear hugs, and loads joy, I finally got to meet some of my favorite humans I've yet to encounter. The evening was spent jamming in their home on wheels, off roading in the middle of Moab and hiking to the special arch. Here's to the Vias, their evident love and soul for one another and life. So humbled to have been the one to document this special bond. xo  

follow their van life journey // @viathevan