These two. Dang I don't know where to start. They've quickly become two of the craziest, most inspiring and loving people in my life. Seriously, anyone that know these humans feels instantly loved, included, welcomed and like family. Life brought Israel and I to Colorado to meet up with these two for Outdoor Retailer (a huge outdoor expo with the newest products, companies and speakers in the market) for Kayeke (Israel + Damon's outdoor company)  From there, they were heading up to Bend, Oregon to get married, which was taking place in just 6 days. Making a cross-the-country trip in an old Chevy van they converted into their home on wheels. 

They live in their van and to say the least and to make a long and full of depth story short, their van broke down in the middle of no where southern Utah right outside of Moab on their way west. I still thank God that Israel and I were traveling along side of them on this day because we then spent three full days in the desert, fixing and giving our best efforts to get them back on the road to get married in just a few short days!  Two full days of Israel and Damon working on the van in 104 degree desert heat, lots of tears and prayer and 5 mechanics later, we met Carl who worked on the van from 7am to 2am the next day and got these loves back on the road. I could never put into words just how thankful I am for these incredible and whole hearted memories we made with Damon and Sarah, the heart to hearts and adventure, swimming in rivers and stargazing on the side of the highway waiting for the tow truck. I adore these two and was so freaking overwhelmed to watch them become one just a few days later in their parents backyard surrounded by the most genuine, loving and adventurous people who LOVE THE HECK out of these two. The next two days after the wedding were spent cliff jumping, high-lining and camping with all of their incredible friends and loved ones, and we got to be there.


Here are a few special photos I snapped of them while we watched the sunset in some no-name town waiting for the van to be fixed after camping next to a geyser. No showers for days, dreaded hair and desert dust covering our clothes. These will always be some of my favorite photos.

Montana Pennala