C+B//Intimate Maroon Bells Wedding


There’s not many humans out there like Calina and Brandis. From the beginning, Calina contacted me knowing she wanted me to be the one to document their intimate adventure in the Bells. No questions asked, she trusted me fully and let me guide and help her in planning this dream of a day. It was so refreshing and rare and beautiful to have a bride, a dear friend, trust me completely with my heart and eye for this art. She trusted me fully to document their story in an honest, soulful way. They made it so easy.

From flying out to Colorado to document their engagements, to road-tripping out to Aspen with my human and pup in our Disco, making it one of the most memorable trips. Full of camping, off road wheeling, hiking, meeting the most incredible people and finding the best pizza and coffee I’ve EVER had.. There’s so much I want to share about this day, this adventure and the memories we made.

This couple serves, loves and completely gets one another to an extent that makes my heart burst just thinking about how much they love one another. Brandis absolutely adores Calina and it’s so evident in the way he holds her and talks to her with such tender and respectful admiration. Their love is so honest and real and I wish I could put together a combination of words to do justice what it means to know Calina and Brandis. I hope these photos show you who they are, tell their story and gives you a glimpse into our Maroon Bells adventures and the day they became one. TAKE ME BACK to this day.

Montana Pennala