C+B//Colorado Engagements


Calina + Brandis

A few months ago Calina contacted me telling me of her intimate Maroon Bells wedding plans and adventures; how she truly valued my art of documentation and of the vision she had. She wanted the real and honest to be documented on their intimate day. She was telling me all about the planning and tediousness of putting together a production wedding, how it wasn't true to who they are and how they wanted the day that they became one, to truly be about their love, the ones who've brought them together and to escape the tradition that ties so many people down. Keeping so many from focusing on the truly important. That it's not about the materialistic, but about the depth and love poured into the two of them being brought together in this crazy big world. They found each other and that's what's to be focused on and celebrated. Where else then amongst Maroon Bell's snow peaks and Alpine waters?!

Pretty much, we instantly connected, soul sisters my goodness. We started planning to meet right away, we literally couldn't wait any longer! They flew me out to Colorado and from the moment I arrived, to the last minute until my flight left, I soaked in Colorado, these humans and all the beauty this place holds. We started the day off by ammmazing tacos, of course some coffee and headed out to explore some red rock! We then traveled to the Paint Mines which left us in complete awe; I think you'll understand why once you scroll through the photos. I encourage any one to experience them for them selves! This place made us feel small and like we were on another planet. As we were hiking back up, the sun broke through the clouds right as the sun was setting and left us speechless. We had this entire place to ourselves, no one for miles and miles and we just stood there, grateful to be by each other's sides. Now, I don't mean to be a mush over here, but these humans get me. THIS is why I love this art. I can't wait to bear hug you two so very soon!

Enjoy loves! xo

Montana Pennala