T+A//Colorado Lovers



The night before flying into Colorado, I made an announcement that I was arriving the next morning and needed some friends to come pick me up and spend the day with me. To take me on an adventure. Something spontaneous and free. Immediately, Tatum contacted me, shared her heart and told me her and her hippie lover boy were down; they wanted to show me some of their fave spots in their local Colorado. We made it happen. As soon as I landed, there they were. We had never met, only followed and encouraged one another on the good ol' Instagram and just like that, I have now gained some of the most real, in-love with life humans who love dogs and the out doors just as much as I do.  It was the craziest thing, from the moment we met, to the last sad hug good bye, we didn't stop talking even for a second. Soul sisters, Tatum and I! 

The day was absolute magic. We started it off by hiking in the warm sun to one of their local climbing spots, that I will now definitely be coming back to with them, to practice my climbing skills. It was so rad to see them in their element. We ate some of the best food + coffee, shared heart to hearts for hours upon hours and ran all around an enormous field and hill range.. They couldn't keep their hand off one another, their love was so deep, REAL and inspiring. Oh to love with a love as real + deep as Andrew + Tatum's love.  

Tatum is an insanely inspiring  wedding + elopement photographer based in Colorado who has traveled the globe. 25+ countries! She has been all over the world, studied in Finland, backpacked all over Southeast Asia and now calls Colorado home, for now until her wild + free spirit takes them somewhere else! If you haven't seen her work, please do yourself a favor and view her stories and photos. She inspires, uplifts on the daily + loves Jesus.  Give her a follow @tatum_olson

These two, I can't really describe it. Here's to the adventures, backpacking trips and bear hugs in our near future! Can't wait for these two to come out to Utah and skydive with me, *cough cough Tatum*

Their love screams. It isn't subtle, it's got depth, beats wildly and it's REAL. There's really no way to describe it, but I got to capture it, got to document it to try to capsulate those feelings into photographs for them to show their children, their grand children. To hold dearly for the rest of their days and then some. Their souls are absolutely lovely.

This art I tell ya, it's the best, I hope to do this for as long as my finger can hold down that shutter button.

I hope these moments allow you to feel.


Montana Pennala