C+T//Moab with kindred hearts


There really is no way of describing this pair of humans. 

Casady contacted me a few months before, opening her heart and telling me of the goals and dreams she has, wanting to learn and grow in the photography business. She wanted to fly me out to CO/UT for a mentor session and adventure. Her reason for choosing me, was because she said we just made a connection instantly. That our hearts were kindred and we both loved the one true King. That my love for Jesus shines through my work and that's what drew her in, what brought us together. I get teary eyed thinking about it, but the memories we made together, the heart to hearts we shared and the adventure experienced, was that of which I will forever cherish. It's a rare and beautiful thing, to find someone like Casady Click in this world, and I'm so grateful to now call her a dear friend. 

The week started off by her and her hunk of a husband Tucker coming to pick me up from the airport in Telluride, Colorado. I swear as soon as I hopped in their Tacoma, we hit it off and didn't stop talking until I left a few days later to go back home. There was a lot of coffee, camping in freezing temps, and so many heart to heart connections. I could sit here and try to tell the stories and do justice what beauty was created, but I'll stop here and just show you a glimpse into the love I got to Capture between Casady and Tucker the day we arrived in Moab. 


Go check out this girls Instagram and show her some love. Her heart is GOLD + so is her work! @casadyclick

Montana Pennala