It’s crazy how small this world can sometimes feel. The stories of how we meet one another and build lasting friendships. I met Kailie at a Starbucks in Utah while we were on the living on the road. She was sitting behind me while I was editing and tapped on my shoulder to ask how my day was. Kind of random but it made my day so much warmer. Every moment talking to Kailie feels that way. We talked for a while and after getting to know each other, a little about our stories and what we were passionate about, she told me of her love for Shu, the history and years behind their relationship and how they were looking to elope soon, how they were ready to be married. She asked me right then and there if I could be the one to document it after being show my work and the rest is history. We planned this elopement in about a month and here they are, in Park City under Mount Timpanogos pouring their hearts out to one another with their parents as witnesses. Every moment of this day was special, meaningful and so raw. I hope you can feel that through these images.


Montana Pennala