E+A // Intimate Appalachian wedding


Ellen, Andy, Where do I begin.

I've yet to document a love with depth like theirs. I've yet to meet anyone, anyone like these two. 

Ellen contacted me about 2 months, 2 MONTHS before their wedding. She was stoked, so alive and unlike anyone I had ever met. If you know Ellen, you would take this as no surprise being that she has the most care-free, happy spirit. To say the least, we instantly connected, soul sisters from the start. The count down for their big day was on.

I arrived the night before in the beautiful little town of Chattanooga, drove to their rehearsal dinner where their closest loved ones gathered, ate the most authentic tamales and fajitas, sang, danced and fellowshipped. This is where I first witnessed the depth of love everyone shared for these two humans.

The sun rose, the birds sang; their day was finally here. Misty fog swept the foothills of the Appalachian mountains and created the most beautiful colors and feels we had hoped for. 

They were married along a pond, in front of the ones who cherish and hold them so dearly. It was intimate, deep, emotional and heartfelt. I shed more tears then I thought I could, singing along with the congregation as everyone was praising Jesus for Ellen and Andy, for bringing the two together. 

Finding the combination of words to exemplify the love that was present this day is nearly impossible. Here's to the buckets of tears shed, laughter shared and best bear hugs I've ever gotten. 

I hope you two know the depth of admiration I have for you. xo 



Montana Pennala