It's the little things 



I want to create whole heartedly, raw and emotional imagery that goes beyond the habitual wedding photography art.

Seeking deep and lasting friendships, the long messy conversations and adventures experienced in the way only WE experienced them. The loud, the quiet, the emotional and soft; I want to be there, present and observant.

TRUST. I ask for your trust in allowing me to humbly document your biggest and smallest moments. To be vulnerable, to allow room for the real and genuine to seep in. I believe wedding photography to be an experience, something you invest in because these moments should be captured, tangible and remembered. I don't care for the staggered, stiff posing and scripted narrative, rather documenting in a way that is organic, natural and true to YOU.  Yes, there will be a time to get those family photographs and 1,2,3 cheeses, but I focus more on the importance of sincerity and honest, real emotion. 

Let's face it, I may not be a perfect fit for everyone, we may not connect and there might be another style of documentation preferred over mine. But if you feel a connection, you're wanting the intimate, the adventurous, and the truest form of your love to be documented, we might just be kindred spirits. 

I cannot wait to hear about your story.