America the Beautiful

- Preset Collection -

A collection of earth toned presets for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. 



- This land was made for you and me -

"In six days God created the heavens and the earth" - Genesis 1:1

It is no wonder the Bible begins on this note, for within the soul of mankind there lies a sense of wonderment and awe at the features of the planet we call home, and a yearning to discover and know more about this Creation. As a spectacular conglomeration of sheer creative might and wit, America stands alone for its awesome variety and beauty. Traveling this land curates a sense of appreciation but also desire, to live and breathe the air that kisses Delicate Arch in warmth, to soak in the lush greens and moody vibrancy of the Pacific Northwest, and to feel the power of the tides while standing above the mighty waters of Big Sur. With a loved one. This is why I photograph, and this explains my editing... the pursuit of presenting in frames, not just the facts of your love story, the places and moments of your journey, but also to capture the feeling. The result of countless adventures, countless encounters with so many special love stories, I am humbled yet so very stoked to present the culmination of my heart's greatest work;  it is with earnest excitement that I hope these presets may become a part of your story!



This collection includes :

+ 4 bomb colored presets

+ 1 dreamy B+W preset

+ A step by step installation and details guide



MLP//Constellations -

Inspired and created with intention of encapsulating the soft pull of wonder, together with the stark grittiness of the constellations of the night sky. This timeless B+W is a one click, adjust your exposure, preset that will bring feeling and mood to your photographs.  

MLP//SoCal -

California always leaves me so inspired with every rich, warm and sunny color it holds. This deeper contrasted preset was created to bring soft, yet detailed depth to those sunny lit photos and colorful blues! 


MLP//Glacier -

This warm and muted preset was made with intention to bring warmth and color back to those blue toned photos often taken in cold climates such as Glacier, Montana! Obviously, this state holds a special place in my heart, and it was with great care I strove to balance the tones that define the rugged lands and high elevations of my namesake. Emotion and warmth in perfect harmony with snow peaks and azure mountain lakes.



With Utah and it's iconic red rocks being such a huge part of my love for the vast and insanely beautiful west, I decided to create a soft and creamy preset to compliment the warmth and color that Moab and the Southwest holds! Fit for an otherworldy corner of the country, that begs one come and adventure, the Moab preset gives soft and creamy skin a home amongst the textured sun-kissed rock.



Living in the PNW, Washington state to be exact, taught me so much and gave me the truest appreciation for depth of color. This preset embraces those rainy PNW vibes along with the deep greens and colors that compose the Pacific Northwest.


Things to consider - I shoot in camera RAW, ever so slightly underexposed and in auto white balance. I seek to expose for skin tones and brighten my images in post. I strive for creamy, warm skin tones while still keeping the tones of the image and landscape true to life and timeless. With purpose and intention I try my best to document everything correctly in camera, lighting, white balance, ect., to make my editing process quick and simple!  These presets are by no means a magical potion to "fix" poorly shot images. Finally, while each of these presets takes design cues from the locations they're named after, they are by no means limited to those (or similar) locations, and can each be used with great versatility for a wide variety of photography styles... I invite you to see for yourself!

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