An intimate destination wedding & elopement photographer.

Hello! I'm Montana Lee. As cheesy as it sounds, in this moment I really more than anything, desire for you to see my heart and love for what I do. To get a glimpse into my humanness and a dose of who I am proud to be. I'm delighted you're here!

I call my 2003 Land Rover Disco II home for now, putting over 20k miles under its belt since the beginning of living on the road with my best friend Israel and pup Kai. Let's face the truth, my heart is anywhere I can count distance in mountains and explore untouched land in my free time. Utah is base camp and my heart could burst with how much happiness it contains. I am immensely passionate about the outdoors, soaking in every ounce I can of God's vast and perfect creation. I strive in situations where I must push and challenge myself; whether that be fitness, hiking, creative passions, relationships or in faith. I am a firm believer in the notion that the journey is just as important as the destination, that we are all here with purpose. I embrace my humanness, the messy and loud. I strive to have a brave heart, to be brave in loving people. In the way that I know how to love.  

I have a quirky "imperfect" Gordon Setter pup that screams everything I love and believe in so firmly. We are currently roaming the US in my Land Rover Discovery II, taking on any terrain, any adventure, it's my 4wd home. It is the little things that get my heart going and I will cherish the little things always. I have many many dreams, more than I have days for. I'm not promised tomorrow, so I encourage myself to live in the present day, to rest in full trust and contentment that God has me right where I need to be.

I value long and vulnerable conversation, good folk music, road-tripping to new places, bare, dirty feet, tangled and dreaded 4 day camping hair, a strong americano or cold brew. I believe in quality over quantity, sincerity and authenticity. I want to stoke the world, so that it can come to know this immense love and kid-like awe I have for the Creator and His creation.

 Here I stand, in wonderment yet in peace. I am humbled that I get to call this, this art of documenting, capturing and creating tangible moments, my job. I've met the most incredible humans and life-long friends along this journey and the only explanation for the immense love I've been shown is JESUS. All glory to the one whom gave me these eyes, this passion for loving love, humans and His creation. I was created to create.